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The SAB model is a 1:8 scale of the ROBODRONE M169 Havok
  • • Full sandwich Fiber glass/airex (vacuum technology)
  • • All parts already painted
  • • Control surface horns and servo mounts already installed
  • • Ready to install SAB landing gear
  • • Super-fast assembly, everything set up at the factory
  • • Small packaging for lower shipping cost

High angle thrust vectoring

Vector allow a deviation of the flow untill 30° angle. Made in INOX, with TIG welds, completely in metal. Coaxial to the gas turbine outlet pipe, it has a direct response, with no dead zone. The precision is maximum.



The perfect compromise between agility and stability

After many test, we have achieved a geometry that allows exceptional agility and stability. Although based on an unconventional solution, you will be surprised by the ease of piloting.

Wing Span 169 cm
Maximum Length 236 cm
Turbine 12-25kg
Dry Weight RTF from 13 to 14Kg depending on equipment
Tank capacity 5 liters


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