FUTABA Aero-Kreisel GYA553

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Futaba GYA553 S.BUS Gyro

One of the features is "the world's first S.BUS In & S.BUS Out gyro". You can connect to GYA553 with Rx and S.BUS as before, but you can also connect servo from GYA553 using S.BUS.

Also, as a feature of flight, the attitude holding function is strong in the AVCS mode of the gyro for airplanes so far (especially the rudder control is too strong), You can easily make Knife Edge, or you can do Torque Roll by letting go. On the contrary, the turning performance during flight became too bad, and some users used it with the AVCS mode turned off, and some cheap gyros did not have the AVCS mode in the first place. In this GYA553, the attitude holding function of AVCS mode is maintained, and the turning performance during flight is closer to that of normal mode.